Welcome to Charleston-Institute (WV) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated

Spotlight on the Four P’s

The Four P’s Program is dedicated to inspiring lifelong learning, mentoring on the importance of practicing good mental health, developing appropriate physical practices and enriching the lives and welfare of young ladies of color. The goal of the Four P’s s Program is to empower and encourage young ladies through four principles: Pride, Poise, Perseverance and Preparation.

Workshops are held at Mary C. Snow Elementary School on Charleston’s west side with girls from their fifth grade classes as well at one of our HBCU’s, West Virginia State University in Institute. The workshops stress pride in self use of positive activities, how to handle bullying in an effective manner, the proper way to meet, greet and begin a conversation with ones’ peers or adults, healthy and proper food choices and exposure to more career choices. Not only is it a great learning experience for the girls, but a lot of fun for everyone.